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Community Service

Our Adventist Community Services (ACS) meets people’s immediate needs with good quality used and sometimes new clothing. We also cooperate with the Wahkiakum Helping Hand Food Bank which provides food assistance to anyone in need. We have other programs available such as Depression: Way Out, Stop Smoking Plan, Life Recovery: Binding the Wounds or The Journey, Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Schools, and many other similar kinds of classes for improving your health. We also work to help in disaster response. The Pastor is also available for Christian pastoral care and spiritual and relational counseling.

The Adventist Community Services Clothing Bank is open every Tuesday from 10:00am to 3:00pm, except on major holidays or bad weather. We are located at 3 Fernhill Road, Cathlamet, WA in the little modular building on the right of the driveway as you enter.

We accept new and used clothing in good condition, washed and clean. These can be left at the ACS Center during business hours, or left on the front poarch for us to pick up later. Our ministry depends on your generosity both with your clothing and financial contributions. Thank you for your wonderful support.

Please do not bring clothing that has not been washed (for sanitary reasons) or that is not in good repair (no large stains or tears). Clothing in this condition connot be used and requires us to use our limited resources wastefully as we must dump these clothes in the trash, or we have to spend time and resouces washing the clothes. We THANK YOU for your help in making it possible for us to use our resources for those in need, rather throwing our money away.

If you are interested in any of these services, please leave your name and contact information on the church phone (360-795-0425) and what you are specifically interested in, and we will contact you with these resources.

Want to be involved?  We could use your help! Volunteer with us! It is fun! Please contact Mary Dasher or Kathy Rostad by calling 360-795-0425.